May 31, 2016



I love New York. Nope, I don’t really care about why you don’t like the city because it’s got several things that are remarkable for me. In no particular order: character, family, friends, synergy, mad vibes and just crazy food all over. That said where am I going wi...

May 27, 2016




Jose Maria – the Meal
There have been a few times since becoming a chef that I can truly say I have had an enjoyable and memorable meal

The suckling pig from start to finish, the kind that make you say…Great Meal!!! Two of which are birthday dinner a few years ago at...

May 27, 2016



The tour guide organized a tour of the facilities in El Botin, oldest working restaurant located in Madrid, Spain for me the chef…I’m blushing like pink sea salt. I met chefs going about their morning business prepping for the start of lunch service. I feel as if I’m...

May 27, 2016

Ok, I’ll not be hypocritical and say I don’t visit a few fast food chains every now and then. I’ll also say that I’m sometimes suspect of where most of the food comes. Face it, most of us are swift to ingest and devour with such unhesitant greediness without giving any...

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